How To Host Sub domain On Website

in this article we will learn about how to host sub domains on websites, what are subdomains difference between domain and sub domains, how to host sub domain on website, subdomain magnetization and after all we will also discuss about the conclusion.

What is Subdomain

we already know about a domain. A domain is looks like www. it is a particular domain. Now sub domain looks likes For example, If you are providing English news for a website on a particular domain. Now, it’s time to launch Hindi news content on your website. What will you do?. You create a sub domain for it.

How To Host Sub domain On Website.

If your website domain is where you provides English news. At the time of launching Hindi content you created a sub domain (

Domain –

Subdomain –

In Simple words sub domain is a category behind catogery.

Above we took a example for better understanding on subdomains, If you want to run related content than you need a sub domain.

Difference Between Domain And Sub domain

A domain is the particular URL Address For a website. Each and every webpage has his particular IP Address ( IP – Internet Protocol ). As we all know Internet only reads Numeric address of a domain. The Numeric Address Of A Domain is it’s IP Address.

Additional Note – IP Address Is Of 8-bit numeric number.

Now, look forward for sub domain…

Subdomain – Subdomain is used to for defining subcategory of a particular domain or website. Like a website has 4 categories universities, Results, Admission and functions.

Now subcategory of these categories are as follows Rajasthan University, results, Neet & IIT Admissions, Annual Functions or devotional functions.

Let’s make it more simple for better understanding .. going with 1st category that is university.

University – Our Domain is we added categories on our website. The URL Address for this category is

Subdomain – If we want to host the Subdomain on this particular university category then we will choose Subdomain for redirection of this category to a new page.

Domain And Subdomain are like particular category and Sub-category. How To Host Sub domain On Website.

How to host Subdomain on a website

Hosting a Subdomain takes few changes in your DNS Records ( DNS – Domain Management System). Follow these steps to setup subdomain.

  • Go To Cpanel ( WordPress / Blogger )
  • Click On Domain Section
  • Then Open Your DNS Records.
  • Now, Choose the subdomain, wanted to host with your website.
  • After choosing A Subdomain you have to save the settings in Your DNS Records.

All set, Now you have successfully setup a Subdomain for your website. Host your Subdomain with subcategory of your website.

Better Understanding Model

Domain –

Subdomain is –,,, etc.

Subdomain Monetization

On the demand of our users we added this point in this article. Because most people asking us via Email Or using contact us page.

Subdomain is the part of a domain . So, it’s fully final that a Subdomain is eligible for monetization. You can go through it with monetization. If you are applying for Subdomain monetization then read the terms & privacy policy of that advertising partner.

As now you are going through Google Adsense. It accept Subdomain for monetization. That’s all about How To Host Sub domain On Website.


I hope you learned all about – what is Subdomain? , Difference between domain and Subdomain, How to host Subdomain on a website? , etc. We briefly defined all these topics in this article. If any other query related through this article, then ask it via using or contact us page or in comment section. Thank you.

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