Top 10 Monetization Network Of India

Monetization networks can be of different types and may be used in different countries. A monetization network can be a tool or technology that’s used for getting data from different sources, like social media, internet etc. and then it finds ways to convert these ideas into some money. Read This Article Carefully Top 10 Monetization Network Of India.

It is also used as traffic generator, because every time someone goes to one kind of platform/site, they show ads and the more people go there, the more money gets generated by the advertisers. These ad units also show all kinds of ads on those pages/websites. Basically monetization networks earn money through ads.

So for example – a website has some ads and that one of them is showing advertisements related to clothes, shoes, jewelry, car, travel packages etc. that place is giving that person an opportunity to go there, so it can have some income.

It is a good source of revenue, that’s all technology showing ads in every webpage. But it’s not just here that this technology shows ads; everyone is using it, it keeps increasing its popularity. We will discuss about top ten monetization networks of India in this article to understand more about Top 10 Monetization Network Of India.

Top 10 Monetization Networks And Their Types –

The two most common type of monetization networks are:-

1) Displaying Ads: In a display network, advertising takes place on your website, social media etc. These websites provide ad boxes on their webpage where people can click on them and get the advertisements. They are mostly in big brands who spend lots of money in it.

The best part of this network is that ads don’t get clicked. People need to do something to get your advertisement. So this gives you huge amount of profit by displaying only ads. That’s how many companies can get profit form display networks.

There are mainly 2 types of display networks:-

Displaying Adwords- In this type, advertisers show their ads on their websites, which have Google Adwords integrated with them. Then when users click on these ads, then they get their google advertisement.

Now Google gets your information (your address, age etc). Then this shows ads on their page. The thing I like the most is that I like to use Google Adwords and there is an option which I think its worth to use other sites like Facebook and Youtube instead of using ads.

Also it helps me to keep up with my business. This can be my very small business or any other website.

Display Only Ads- In this type, the advertiser only shows their ads on your webpage, and other pages are not shown at all. This makes the biggest source of income when used in smaller scale business.

Since almost everyone is using display ads, then for this I like to use less keywords, so less keyword and lesser keywords. So this can be my own portfolio site.

One more important thing that should know before joining these network is that they should run their page properly. Not just load it properly but have enough images to make it attractive, with proper tags. So that they can get maximum views and make money.

So it’s very much important to check this before joining these networks in order to avoid conflicts and also to check how well you can handle your content.

Top 10 Monetization Networks Of India List –

Since I am researching online marketing strategy, then in this case, I am using Yahoo (Yahoo has millions of users around the world). I used to do some research and find out that there are different options which you can choose from as per your requirement.

And after looking over some websites and finding the one which does what your requirements are (I have selected 6 different ones which is mentioned below), then I started searching and searched for different others which have the same information.

After doing so much research, and after search, I came across different monetization networks of India. So here I am sharing these networks as per my understanding. Hope its help for you guys.

1 YMDB (Yogurt Drink Market) –

YMDB network is owned by Zee Entertainment Group, it is one of the oldest monetization network, having a name of yahoo itself. It was founded by Jerry Yang. Its owner Jeyaprakash Mehra started it in 1995. I have heard this name earlier but never thought about it till now. Let us see what you need to know about this network:-

YMDB gives a reward to each user who comes to play games on their website. For every game played, they give a certain percent to the win by adding a dollar symbol to the screen.

Users who play more than 20K times within 60 days would earn 2000$.

Now let us focus on the details, it offers the following services:-

Banking:- They give Rs.100 per rupees of purchases made on account or shopping cart.

Cards:- Yes, you can purchase cards through this site. You can get 5000 Rs. to 4000 Rs. per card.

Hobbies:- This site allows you to add hobbies. You can have a hobby on any topic. Hobbies are added for a given period of time and you get 5% bonus for playing that hobby once. If you want to clear your doubts regarding hobby, then register.

Social networking:- Yes, their website provides social tools. Social features can be added by creating accounts on the homepage.

Video content :- I have tried video editing for quite sometime. I have found out that it becomes better by uploading videos instead of just uploading links. This site offers easy way of uploading videos.

Media hosting:- Media is hosted on one server place. Hosting can be shared by multiple servers but some limits apply for storage with 1 GB.

It Offers More Services:-

Blog Commentation:- Yes, their blog has very helpful comments. Comments can be sent along with photos and link as a comment.

Social bookmarking:- Yes, they offer social bookmarking service. By adding your twitter and facebook id, you can save those things on your index along with your friends so that they can come to your contact.

Video call:- Yes, It supports video Chats and they are are made with sitting on the chair.

Any other device and clicking the button that is given in the chat box.

Video watching:- You will also enjoy video watching service for free on your smartphone and PC. Videos can be edited by putting filters in it and this can be done without any problem.

Blog Feed:- Yes, they have RSS which are used for email management. Apart from emails, people can manage their feed on this.

More About Top 10 Monetization Network Of India –

Email manager:- Yes, this feature is really useful. All emails can be managed on their dashboard by selecting the sender which you are sending this mail etc.

Downloadable files:- Downloadable files can be uploaded by themselves by making separate folders on the computer.

Social feeds:- Yes, their library contains 1000+ articles, links etc. Now there is no difficulty to post and download that.

Chat Room:- Yes, there are 2 different groups by themselves. One has admin and one user. Chat room is more interactive than the admin group.

Blog commenting:- Yes, in the comment section the number of writers can be seen.

FAQs:- Yes, FAQs are provided to answer all queries. That’s all about the Top 10 Monetization Network Of India. Thank You.

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